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Region & Excursions in the Can Tho area

It seems a colossal understatement to call the Mekong a mere “river”. For the nations it passes through it is their main artery carrying the essential water that is the lifeblood for millions in both cities and towns. Its seasonal changes bring changes in communities, from the marshes of Tibet to the estuarine dwellers of the gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

In the south eastern corner of Vietnam the mighty cascade flushes out to the ocean through seven enormous fingers of gushing water.
If the Mekong Delta can be described as the fruit bowl or granary of Vietnam, Can Tho, its capital, can be described as its showcase and centrepiece. Everywhere is dominated by the water and the agricultural bounty it makes possible.
Travelling around Can Tho is relatively easy as the topography is generally flat. Whether by car, boat, motorbike or bicycle, you just need to choose the pace and comfort level and then head off for adventure.

Named after the tributary of the Mekong River that passes through Can Tho, our "Lady Hau" was built in 1996 in the Delta province of Tien Giang. The design is that of a classic rice barge, the same barges that have been used for decades to ship rice from the Delta to Ho Chi Minh City.
Today the "Lady Hau" is the ultimate way to visit the Delta tributaries. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the floating markets and the buzzing life on the river, whilst you enjoy your breakfast buffet or a sundowner cocktail from the spacious deck of the "Lady Hau".


(Starting at 6:30 AM, the Lady Hau cruise and tour extension takes around 4 hours; minimum 4 persons)

Enjoy breakfast on the "Lady Hau" while cruising to the floating market. When the "Lady Hau" arrives at Cai Rang floating market, guests are transferred to a local traditional boat to get inside the market. Then, continue cruising with the hotel's guide along narrow creeks to visit a noodle factory and an orchard. After sampling local fruits, our guide will escort the guests back to the hotel by local boat through the myriad of canals.
The time of Sunrise and Sunset may vary seasonally


(Depart from hotel jetty at 5:00 PM and return at 6:30 PM; minimum 4 persons)
Depart from the hotel jetty to cruise along the Hau River. The Lady Hau cruise is an exceptionally romantic way to enjoy cocktails and snacks whilst watching a spectacular Mekong Delta sunset.
The time of Sunrise and Sunset may vary seasonally


(Lunch: From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Dinner: From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM; minimum 20 persons)
Enjoy our buffet lunch or dinner cruise on board the "Lady Hau".


(Reservations: 24 hrs in advance for 1 – 4 persons, 3 days in advance for 5 persons up)

Our selection of biking tours take you through series of small countryside paths, luscious green fields and tropical fruit orchards with Victoria Can Tho Resort’s own fleet of mountain bikes. You will also be crossing rivers with small boats or ferries and explore mesmerizing local villages. Join us for a unique opportunity to witness the daily lives of Southern Vietnamese; a truly authentic experience deep in the heart of Mekong delta!

Discover Mekong Delta Biking Tours


(3 hours; Departure: 7:30 AM or 2:00 PM; Reservations: 12 hrs in advance)

The tour begins with a cruise on the Can Tho River to Cai Rang. En-route stop to visit traditional floating houses which families raise fish underneath as a source of income.
In Cai Rang, visit the local market which sells a variety of goods including farming and fishing tools, Chinese medicinal herbs and fruits and vegetables...
After Cai Rang cruise along the canals to a straw mat maker's house where you will learn how top weave a mat and tale home your handmade product as a souvenir.


(4 hours; Departure: 8:00 AM or 2:00 PM; Reservations: 12 hours in advance)

Depart from the Hotel jetty on a traditional boat with bicycles on board. Cross the Hau river, then cruise on Cai Von canal and stop over for the visit of an incense making community.
Continuing by boat you will arrive at a tiny village. Finally, start biking through the lush countryside. It's really a big challenge on the rough trails and dikes along immense rice fields. On this trip you can experience a lot of rustic charms and the simplicity of farmers' life: funny monkey bridges, water buffalos, duck keepers, fishermen and more…


(4 hours, Departure: 6:30 AM; Reservations: 12 hrs in advance)

Join our delightful cruise on a traditional boat. Sailing on quiet country trails through the lush countryside, we encounter tiny villages, the famous Cai Rang floating market where agricultural sellers will greet you on board for hot tea, an enchanting fruit orchard and vegetable garden where you will treat yourself to a tasting of delicious juicy fruits.


(4.5 hours; Departure: 2:00 PM; Reservations: 12 hrs in advance)

Experience the variety of life of the Mekong Delta. Visit the bamboo basket handicraft village and admire the natural beauty of the countryside environment. Discover a vintage rice mill and finally come face to face with thousands of birds at the Thot Not bird sanctuary, one of the wonders of South Vietnam!



(5 hours; Departure: 6:30 AM; Reservations: 12 hrs in advance)
Join us on a unique cruise of the Hau River and its shores on a traditional riverboat; arrive at the famous bustling Cai Rang floating market and sellers will greet you on board for hot tea; cruise through a friendly hamlet for a visit of a traditional vermicelli house; experience an unforgettable trip to the unique Phong Dien town; visit an ancient temple which is famous for traditional therapy: An old time mode Herbalist checking your pulses and prescribing a dose…; go on boating to the curious riverside pop rice - riz soufflé - making house; observe the timeless scenery and treat yourself to the exotic taste of delicious fruits in an orchard…


(Minimum 2 persons; Reservations: before 6pm for the next day)

Take this wonderful opportunity to learn the art of Vietnamese cuisine either at the resort or at some exotic locations such as a rice field, the Binh Thuy ancient house or on our converted traditional rice barge, the Lady Hau. Visit the market first to choose the ingredients and enjoy the lunch you prepared.
A gastronomic journey through the culture and history of Vietnam.
For excursion prices and booking, please contact us.