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Region & Excursions in the Chau Doc area

Between Phnom Penh and the Vietnamese border the Mekong River splits into two: the Mekong proper, and the Bassac (Hau) river. It is here in Chau Doc that the Hau River enters Vietnam and begins the final stage of its journey as part of the Mekong Delta system.

From the marshes of Tibet this mass of water has coursed its way through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The final stage through Vietnam will see it empty into the gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.
The town itself is situated on the west bank of the Bassac River and its midland/low mountain location can mean that it is a little cooler than many other areas of Vietnam at certain times of the year.
The local minority groups also add colour and variety to the area. This is most apparent in the traditional fabrics and clothes being worn as well as the local architecture which merges the Chinese, Khmer and Hindu influences that crossed these areas at different times in history.
You don’t have to travel far from Chau Doc to find places of interest whether they be of an architectural, geographic or historic nature.

Chau Doc Market Tour

(1 hour 30 minutes; minimum 2 people)

Travel along the main streets of Chau Doc by "xe loi" a traditional rickshaw exclusive to the Mekong Delta taking in the bustling life of the local people. Upon arrival at Chau Doc market, your senses will constantly be stirred by the colours, haggling vendors, strong or sweet fragrances and unfamiliar tastes.


Sam Mountain Tour

(2 hours; minimum 2 people)

Sam Mountain, famous for its pagodas set in caves which were built with influences of Chinese, Cham and Khmer cultures. You will visit the Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Chua Xu Lady Pagoda, and Cavern Pagoda. Drive to the peak of Sam Mountain for spectacular views over Chau Doc and Cambodia.


Chau Doc River Life Tour

(2 hours; minimum 2 people)

Cruise the "Three Rivers Crossing" in a traditional sampan. You will visit authentic floating houses, a floating fruit market, a floating fishery house, Cham weaving craft village and Phu Hiep, a Cham community with several mosques including the "Mubarak" mosque which was a gift from the Egyptian president.


Cooking Class in a Cham village

(5 hours; minimum 2 people)

Take this wonderful opportunity to experience a gastronomic journey through the culture and history of Vietnam with a visit to a peaceful minority Muslim village and discover a unique cuisine still unknown to many. First, visit the bustling Chau Doc market to choose your local fresh ingredients, then cruise along the quiet Bassac River to the Cham village. Start this amusing cooking class with a professional Chef in a Cham house and you will be able to enjoy the delicious Cham lunch prepared freshly by yourself! At the end of the excursion, you will be thrilled by an authentic return journey in traditional xe loi (pedicab).

The Farming Tour

(2 hours; minimum 2 people)
Experience the life of the local farmers of the "rice bowl" of Vietnam. You will be brought to a rice farm and meet with the farmers who will show you traditional ways of cultivating rice. A unique way to experience the culture of Vietnam!

Wild Wide Lake Tour

(2 hours; minimum 2 people)
Take the Con Tien Ferry to the border town of An Phu. Cruise on the Wild Wide Lake (Bung Binh Thien Lake) to discover the legend of the lake’s creation. Visit the Khoi Ry Giah Mosque, Cham villages and traditional mat manufacture. Finally go shopping at the Frontier Market (Long Binh market) where you can find some unique goods such as Cambodian cloth; Tonle Sap dried fish and Thot Not Sugar (Palm Sugar).

The Silk Road Tour

(3 hours; minimum 2 people)
Take the Chau Giang Ferry to the Silk Making Village. Witness the villagers dying the traditional "Lanh My-A" (Tan Chau Silk). Visit a traditional mat weaving factory and a Cham handicraft village where you will see the villagers working laboriously on their traditional looms.

The An Giang Spirit

(3 hours; minimum 2 people)

Visit a 9-storey Temple and admire the panorama of the imposing mountain range and endless rice fields. Visit Thoi Son Communal House, Thoi Son pagoda a Khmer village and pagodas. Try some pure Thot Not palm milk, a traditional drink of the Khmer people.


Tuc Dup Hill Tour

(5 hours; minimum 2 people)
En route to Tuc Dup Hill, stop at a Khmer silk village to view traditional silk production techniques, continue to Ba Chuc and visit Phi Lai Pagoda and the Glass Tomb, a memorial for the thousands of victims of the Khmer Rouge. Finally climb up Tuc Dup Hill, a base of operations during the war chosen for its network of connecting caves. Enjoy lunch at Tuc Dup restaurant.

The Oc Eo Tour

(7 hours; minimum 2 people)
On this tour, you will visit President Ton Duc Thang's Commemorative House, the An Giang Museum in Long Xuyen. After lunch in Long Xuyen, tour the archaeological remains of the Oc Eo civilization near Ba The Mountain and the Four - Handed Buddha in Thoai Son.

Ha Tien Beach Excursion

(10 hours; minimum 2 people)
Leave early in the morning to reach Ha Tien, a small coastal town famous for its limestone rocks jutting out of the sea. Along the route to Ha Tien you will pass through splendid landscapes and see authentic Khmer structures and picturesque fields reaching far beyond the border with Cambodia. Enjoy lunch in Ha Tien.
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