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To all of you at Victoria Angkor,thanks for making our dreams come true. The hotel is superbe, the cuisine excellent...

Michael & Sasha M., Los Angeles, CA (USA)

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Spa & Beauty at the VICTORIA ANGKOR RESORT & SPA hotel

After a day of exploring the Angkor temples, rejuvenate and refresh your soul at Victoria Spa or pamper yourself with a Beauty treatment at the Spa’s Beauty Salon.

Indulge yourself in sheer bliss at Victoria Spa, a haven for ultimate relaxation and body rejuvenation set in a tranquil atmosphere with 4 indoor treatment rooms, 3 open air massage salas and steam rooms. Providing various massages and beauty treatments for the body and soul.

Discover our Relaxation Package
(3 days / 2 nights)
254 US$ per person based on double occupancy


Ancient Khmer Massage (60 minutes):
This uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy system.

Shiatsu Massage (60 minutes):
A holistic Asian technique that uses along the body’s meridians to release blocked energy channels, alleviating pain and restore the proper balance of Chi energy to the body.

Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes):
A healing massage using herbal and aromatic oils to stimulate and enhances the body’s own healing systems and calm the nerves. Select from unique blends designed to relieve chronic patterns of stress and to soothe and energize aching muscles.
Choices of fragrances:Eucalyptus- enhances healing of muscle tension, Lavender- releases stress, Peppermint- good for respiration

Relaxing Swedish Massage (60 minutes):
Warm fruits oil is applied to the body for relaxing, nurturing and therapeutic massage that combines five different techniques. Relieves muscular tension while promote circulation and a fuller range of motion as well as increasing energy, concentration and alertness. It can be done with light, firm or deep pressure.

Detoxifying Massage (60 minutes)
A firm massages combining a wide variety of techniques that target chronic muscle pain. Many enjoy the intensity of this treatment, which releases muscular tension and toxins with this specific to this approach.

Asian Combination Massage (60 minutes)
Experience the two favorite’s Asian massage techniques of oil and dry massage combined together while having a fluid, rhythmic motion of hands working with the flow and the rhythm of your body to instill a deep sense of harmony. This is given with moderate to strong pressure.

Four Hands Massage (60 minutes):
An experience for you with synchronized hands of two therapists working in tandem, moving up and down to your body with same pressure, rhythm and movement. Design to pamper yourself to be able to feel much special. Best treat for a birthday celebrant!
Note: Available by appointment only

Body Sculpture Massage (60 minutes):
Therapeutic massage technique using the properties of grape fruit, juniper berry, black pepper and clove essential oils which helps to eliminate your skin cellulites and reshape your body with the use of knuckles.

Chinese Reflexology (60 minutes):
Stimulates and resumes body organs to health state and is an effective way to relieve and to restore natural balance and well-being. Pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet to release tension and improve circulation.

A Perfect Swing (30 minutes):
For the avid golfer, this at par massage focuses on muscle groups essential for smooth golf swing.


Marine Seaweed and Mud Wraps (75 minutes):
A combination of algae, minerals and enzymes are vital forces needed to balance and detoxify your systems. This treatment will bring purification, hydration and increased metabolism. This detoxifying wrap is followed by a hydrating oil massage and will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated.

Ginseng Body Polish (75 minutes):
An exfoliation to the body with a ginseng body polish, removing the old skin to be replaced by a new layer, enjoy the light Aroma massage, leaving you with a wonderful regenerated feeling.

Fruit Salad Body Mask (75 minutes):
Body refreshing mask combines seasonal fruits contains bromeliad, a protein-digestive enzyme that helps rid the skin dead cells and dirt. It also provides protection to ultra violet rays and is anti oxidants, this wrap is accompanied by a mini body massage.

Oceanic Glow (60 minutes):
Sea salts awaken circulation while removing dry dull skin, impurities and accumulated residues. Skin feels polished, and is smoothened and refines to reveal a fresh glow.

Mystical Glow (60 minutes):
This rejuvenation treatment includes small sugar crystals that gently slough away dry skin, as it restored to a fresh radiance and a satin smooth texture of your skin.

Asian Refreshing Glow (60 minutes):
A uniquely effective gentle body exfoliates using micronized buffing rice granules to refine the roughest and flakiest areas without irritation.



For Her...

Aromatherapy Facial (60 minutes):
Essential oils, honey, oatmeal and almond scrub gently exfoliates and promotes healthy skin. This natural facial treatment is best in all skin types.

Chocolate Layered Facial (60 minutes):
Combine the hydration exfoliating and antioxidant properties of Cocoa and Vitamin C. This suits for dry, sun damaged, and aging skin types.

Ayurveda Facial (60 minutes):
Incorporates warm ginger compresses, cool sage facial bath and Ayurveda herbs to exfoliate and stimulates circulation.

For Him...

Gentleman’s Facial (60 minutes):
This specialized treatment addresses and pampers the specific skin needs of men. A soothing facial to ease razor irritation and maintain hydration while protect skin from damage caused by environmental aging.

Classic Asian Facial (60 minutes):
Combines facial massage, gentle hot compress, scrubbing, masks, and is perfect for combination or dehydrated skin. This facial uses ancient botanical known for its gentle soothing properties cleans tones and moisturize.


Aphrodisiac Bath Blend (30 minutes):
Relax the mind, while the properties of the essential substance stimulate euphoria.

Insomnia Milk Bath (30 minutes):
Uses milk and lavender known for its calming properties, however, every facet of this bath recipe is designed with rest in mind.

Roman Bath Soak (30 minutes):
Stimulate senses and gives you a pampering, relaxing sensation. Leaves your skin moisture and supple.


Victoria Massage (90 minutes):
Relax and feel the comfort of our oil and dry, body and foot massage. To stimulate your body meridians, further by its technique of stretching and releasing tension

Head to Toe Ecstasy (80 minutes):
A perfect way to relieve mental tension and allowed your mind to relax. This promotes a way of releasing and relaxing the body. Indian head massage followed by blissful neck and shoulder, finished with foot massage.

Body Radiance (90 minutes):
Our famous Lulur body scrub which use organic spices, with our Victoria Spa Angkor signature pampering facial treatment with fruity mask. Follow by special designed cleaning of fingers and toe nails which will bring you to a full body retreat.

Le Lotus Blanc Harmony(90 minutes):
Our therapist will gently massage your scalp, then she will separate your hair into bunches before pouring the olive and ginger oil over your head and continuing with our muscle relaxant body massage that releases tension and restores energy.

Lover’s Romantic Escape for Two (110 minutes):
Tropical fruit bodies mask to suit your skin type and a water treatment with jasmine and tea bath, a relaxation massage to indulge you in a beautiful sense of well being. A perfect double treat for honeymooners!

Pampering Foot Experience (90 minutes):
Footbath using tea salt exfoliates dry skin on soles and heels and an application of organic peppermint cream is used to soothe and stimulate tired feet. Continues with leg and foot massage a technique where a minute reflex points being stimulated. This treatments end with pedicure to make the toe nails clean and healthy.

A Taste of Tradition (3 hours & 30 minutes):
Enjoy our Jacuzzi, and Have a lymph drainage massage, which promotes relaxation using long strokes and kneading of superficial layers of muscles. Alleviate stress and mental fatigue. Follow with a silk body glow to revitalize your skin. Moreover, aloe pearl facial for a more beautiful aura. In addition, a fresh fruit platter and fresh herbal ginger tea.

Golfer’s Pride(3 hours & 30 minutes):
Warm up with our designed sports massage, which combines vigorous strokes, compression, stretches and trigger point techniques to reduce muscle soreness, body tissues are lengthened and free motion is improved. Excellent when preparing for sports activities. Then sun lover recovery wrap will soothe your skin from sunburn. And soak in a warm aroma aquatic indulgence for a more relaxing feeling, Finishing by a manicure or a pedicure. Fresh seasonal fruit juice and exotic fruit platter will follow at the bar.


Pamper yourself with our Beauty Treatments available at Victoria Spa Angkor.

  • Classic Manicure (60 minutes)
  • Classic Pedicure (60 minutes)
  • Classic Manicure & Pedicure (2 hours)
  • Waxing:
    • - 1/2 Legs
    • - Full Legs
    • - Bikini
    • - Underarm
    • - Upper Lip

Opening hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM